Monday, February 3, 2014

Worms As Fuck
Did this one up a little after I started doodling again.

I started the doodling again with other stuff, like liches, skeletons, that sort of stuff. These guys crop up again and again it seems. I sometimes add color because of the liquid chalk we have at the register, used for signs and stuff, the original Worm-thing was done in pen, then highlighter. I figure I might stat these guys up for D&D or something, make them an enemy for PC's to fight in my campaign. Then again, there's already stats for giant worms and shit.

The reason for the writing, 'Snake's Ken' and 'Abyssal Worms', is that I think of these like metal album covers, if they were done on canvas or digital imaging or some shit. The larger writing is the band name, and the smaller is the album name.

I think I need to use a better scanner. The one I have has a broken top door, so I can't get it all the way closed. Receipts like to curl, thus the lesser image quality.

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